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Aria Introduces Warehouse Scanning Systems for Alan Paine

In conjunction with Alan Paine Knitwear we are pleased to add a new module to the Aria suite of Apparel Software Solutions. Alan Paine was founded in the early 1900’s as a knitwear supplier and has evolved over the last century to be a leading supplier of high value cashmere knitwear and more recently classic country collections of coats and other casual wear.Alan Paine logo

Alan Paine had the following problems according to Operations Director Kevin Barson:

‘We need to improve the accuracy of our picking and stock control processes in order to cut down on picking errors leading to costly returns and discounts having to be given to customers to correct and compensate’

After evaluating Alan Paine’s situation it became clear that the main problem leading to the inaccuracy was that the wrong items were being picked as there was no controls in place. Alan Paine warehouse1 The picking was a purely manual process and errors were often not found until the goods had arrived at the customer. As many of the customer’s were overseas it was not possible to always replace the good, an expensive process due to extra unrecoverable freight costs. Therefore the goods were accepted by the customer in return for large discounts, a further loss for Alan Paine to suffer.

To eliminate the two main areas of error Aria automated both the booking in of goods from suppliers and the picking of  goods to be sent to the customer. All Purchase Orders sent to suppliers were sent with the accurate UPC bar code number for every garment to be produced. The corresponding UPC bar code number was also attached to the garment swing ticket at the point of manufacture. When the garments were received into the Alan Paine warehouse they were scanned in against the relevant shipment records so that the correct garment was always booked into the inventory and any discrepancies immediately identified and reconciled with the supplier. This meant that the inventory held in the warehouse was very accurate.

This full Scanning solution not only solved the problem but also enhanced the following warehouse functions:

   Alan Paine warehouse21. Receiving Shipments into Stock
   2. Transferring inventory within the warehouse
   3. Full bin location control
   4. Automation of the Picking Process – with the ability to update carton contents and create packing lists
   5. Stock taking procedures

The system went live two months ago and Kevin is already seeing major benefits:

‘We introduced the Aria bar code system earlier this year and have seen a dramatic improvement in warehouse performance, with picking errors being a thing of the past. Accurate picking prevents costly and time-consuming stock returns and promotes a more professional image to our customers. The bar-coded stock-take system has also worked very well, ensuring greater accuracy in stock control.’

If you would like more information or have a demonstration of the scanners – please contact Tony Mather on 0208 502 5553 or at